Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fiancee Visit!

Well Oktoberfest was canceled due to an outbreak of the flu, but Rob came anyway. One of my friends had a birthday pub-crawl planned for Saturday so we dressed up as per the invite and had fun. I was a pirate, he was a frazzled computer technician (shirt reads: "Leet Squad"). I also got him back to Primanti Brothers for lunch and we went around downtown Pittsburgh. I wish he was coming for Christmas so that I could show him all the Christmas decorations and things to do downtown. I feel like I missed out on all that last year :( It never even crossed my mind. Maybe another time.

My sister suggested he apply to her grocery store and relit the fire under his ass to move up here. He helped out with a bunch of yard work my parents needed done that none of us can do easily, and earned their gratitude. He didn't want to go home at ALL. So I'm looking for a second or third job still so I can put away enough money for him to actually get here. He said he'd look too, up here and down in VA. The only other thing is we'd need a place for him to stay at least temporarily. I think between the two of us we can make it work.

Twin Star Gifts is coming along nicely. A little preview of what I'll be offering:

It's a baby dragon ;)
Still planning to go live November 1st! Wish me luck!

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