Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I really should blog more

Well the job hunt is going well, though right now my only prospect is another retailer in the mall. What's nice is that the manager was a customer of mine who basically told me to apply for the position. Hopefully that works out to my advantage.

I've been doing lots of sewing and knitting in my time off. I finally sewed up a cute top I bought the supplies for last summer (see left). I used up some of the scrubs fabric I bought last year by making a jumper for a friend's daughter. I've also been finishing UFOs of the cross-stitch variety in preparation for my new etsy store, Twin Star Gifts. It's a reference to my zodiac sign. My plan is to go live November 1st so I can catch the Christmas shoppers. I've been working on Christmas ornaments for just that purpose.

I'm helping two old friends plan an Oktoberfest party for the 25th, and Rob says he's going to try and come up for it. Pops said he'd help, and his sister's going to stay with them in case they need help. I'm so excited to see him again. I just hope it works out.

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