Saturday, January 8, 2011

She threw the gauntlet....

Before Christmas my friend and I went to see her boyfriend perform in a modern interpretation of The Nutcracker. She collects nutcrackers, and when I was thwarting her attempts to steal the ones in the lobby of the theatre, she said "Knit me a nutcracker for next Christmas! GO!". My immediate thought was, 'Well, I needed an idea for your birthday...'

It took appoximately one month and a couple of design changes before I was happy with him. Last night we went out for her birthday and the look on her face was amazing. Apparently, she hadn't been serious, and hadn't expected me to actually knit her a nutcracker.

With that kind of success, I might offer a custom nutcracker in my etsy shop, I just have to figure out pricing. But never let it be said I don't rise to a challenge.

In other news, the Swish Worsted came in today from KnitPicks! It is so much softer than I imagined, knits exactly to gauge, and the color is beautiful, albeit darker than on the website. I had to wait til after the new year because Indigo Heather was out of stock.

I'm waiting to start it til probably tomorrow, I have four Valentine's bracelets that have to come off the loom for the shop. But that yarn knits like a dream!


KeriAnne said...

Amazing! You are soooo talented!

paintingpam said...

Way cool!!